MPAA holds policy update on March 7, 2024

Join the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (MPAA) on March 7th for an educational webinar focused on the evolving cannabis policy landscape in Massachusetts. This webinar aims to provide attendees with a clear update on the current state of cannabis policy at the Massachusetts statehouse and answer questions about key legislation that would benefit the medical cannabis community. Learn about important bills that would provide employment protections for patients, increase access by removing the vertical integration requirement, and emphasizing equity. Get insights into the legislative process, important bills, and how you can support significant reforms. 

Despite the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts, the work to reform our laws, especially protecting patients within the medical marijuana program, continues to be of major importance to MPAA. This is why we keep a close eye on Beacon Hill and raise awareness to support bills that will make a positive difference in our community. Don’t miss out on this chance to stay informed and engaged. Mark your calendar to attend this webinar and get involved in shaping the policies that impact patients’ lives. 


  • 7:00PM – Introduction & Background on Legislative Process
  • 7:10PM – What is Happening Now
  • 7:30PM – In-Depth Look at Certain Bills
  • 7:45PM – Learn How You Can Help



The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. (MPAA) is a 501c(4) non-profit social welfare organization with the mission of advocating for medical cannabis patients, personal caregivers, and healthcare providers in Massachusetts. MPAA represents the coalition that drafted and helped pass the ballot initiative in 2012 which legalized medical marijuana in the Commonwealth. Since then, we have worked to ensure that the law is implemented and we strive to be a resource for our community and the general public to learn more about the Massachusetts medical marijuana program. Our work includes engaging with policymakers at the federal, state, and local level to reform our laws and ensure that access to medical cannabis is protected. MPAA fights to expand patient access, reduce stigma, and make the Commonwealth of Massachusetts an example of a world-class medical cannabis program.


Jeremiah MacKinnon is the President and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. (MPAA), having taken over the role in December of 2022 after serving seven years as a volunteer. His commitment to cannabis advocacy is deeply personal and rooted in his experiences growing up with an older brother with severe autism and epilepsy. This led Jeremiah to develop an empathy for those who cannot speak up for themselves and a determination to advocate for them. Jeremiah has been spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, advocating to normalize its use, and networking within the community as early as 2014. Jeremiah speaks regularly with patients and shares these perspectives in order to bridge the gap between policymakers and our community. As a member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board Jeremiah also serves as Chair of the Public Health Subcommittee.

Patient Frank Shaw holding a sign that reads Support Medical Cannabis in Massachusetts


Take some time to think about why you support a certain piece of legislation and how it would impact your life in a positive way. Focus your message on how you are connected to this issue and highlight how the solution would impact you. Share your support for cannabis policy with your lawmakers and the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy throughout the legislative session.